Music your body listens to

We are developing a bio-metrical recommendation technology, that matches music to the user’s physiological and psychological state. We synthesize adaptive AI models and personal bio-markers to deliver music that optimize well-being, while exposing individuals to new repertoire of music.


The Problem

Music bears the ability to change our mood, enhance our cognitive capabilities, improve our sleep and reduce our stress. it should be recommended based on our physiological and psychological response, rather than by E-commerce algorithms solely.


Music affects each one of us in different manner: The same music might be relaxing for one, while irritating the other. Same music might increase one’s concentration and other cognitive capabilities but decrease them for the other. We believe your playlist should be curated based on your personal physiological and psychological needs and responses, rather than by E-commerce algorithms that focus on selling you content. 


What we do

Our technology analyzes individual cardiac and breathing rhythms and selects music based on key attributes like tempo, key, scale and structure. We then deliver a playlist that affects and optimizes pertinent bio-markers in a measurable manner, boosting music’s scientifically proven benefits.


We use DNN (Deep Neural Networks) to identify and cluster different musical attributes, as well as HRV vectors in large scale to quantify music’s effect. Based on proprietary analysis method, we determine a clinical match between music and bio-markers, and generate insights for personal music recommendation, as well as prediction of music’s effect on different crowds.

Changing the world of music recommendation

By integrating emerging research on the effects of music on heart and mind with developments in wearable data collection and artificial intelligence, we will curate and deliver personalized playlist, that helps people improve their health and overall well-being, eventually becoming leading authority in using music to improve health and general wellness.



Our curation, recommendation, and selection of music is based on scientifically verified

measures and algorithms. We facilitate the BPM Entrainment effect through heart and

respiratory rates; we use heart rate variability (HRV) indexes to determine such

preferences as types of scales (major/minor), the emotional influence of text and lyrics,

and response to various musical structural patterns.